Double masking?

Updated: Jan 30

New variants are more transmissible and some European countries are recommending the use of certified masks in the community. Christine Sismondo of the Toronto Star discusses better use of better masks, including double masking, with Catherine Clase, editor of, co-chair of Cloth Mask Knowledge Exchange, and member of the McMaster Centre of Excellence in Protective Equipment and Materials.

Bottom line:

1. Double masking is another method of layering, which our evidence review and subsequent new studies have identified as useful ways to increase filtration.

2. Watch out for breathability, be sure you are comfortable in the double mask, and that the extra thickness is not making the leak around the edge actually worse.

3. Wash both masks!

4. Include a layer of non-woven spunbond polypropylene as recommended by Health Canada. Industry grade spunbond polypropylene can be hot washed but hang to dry - it can melt in a tumble dryer or if ironed.

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